transformational coaching and Reiki Practice

My journey to a healthier mind and body has been greatly enhanced by Jo Ann’s Reiki energy work. Each session is guided by the wisdom of the universe and presenting challenges at the time. It has been an eye-opening and mind-opening experience. I highly recommend her.
— Michelle
You are a beautifully intuitive, spiritual, and compassionate coach and healer, Jo Ann. You helped guide me to the heart of an old belief pattern that was harming my health and holding me back in my life. I have felt so much more joyful. I recently had labwork done after working with you, and my heart numbers were significantly better than they have been in two decades! I have the heart of a teenager again! Thank you so much for helping me heal my heart!
— Ann Fleenor - Agingdon, Virginia
Jo Ann – You are a deeply compassionate and empathetic practitioner. Your gentle, intuitive approach to working with me has allowed me to feel so at ease in sharing and exploring my challenges and fears and to feel safe enough to begin the process of working through them. In each session, you’ve given me new perspective, comfort, and the wonderful sense of being heard, as well as tools to continue the work of the session on my own. I am so grateful to be working with you, Jo Ann! The kindness of your presence and the depth and power of your work is truly special.
— Kira Rose Harrison
I had the privilege of experiencing the beautiful gifts that Jo Ann brings to her private coaching sessions. She has this incredible ability to put you at ease with her genuine warmth and sincere desire to help. Using powerful guided imageries and brilliant coaching techniques Jo Ann guides you to tap into your inner most wisdom to create empowered solutions to overcome your challenges. I was amazed at what she was able to draw out of me with such ease that offered me a powerful new perspective and healing that was long overdue! As a coach myself, I recognize the tremendous value of a talented heart centered coach and am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jo Ann and for the gifts she gave me.
— Andrea Wilson Ferguson
Jo Ann Wenner has coached me through areas of uncertainty and confusion. She has helped me to once again recognize my priorities, and claim the strength and courage I needed to regain them. Her gentle guidance and directions enabled me to claim the negative influences in my life that had sapped my energy and peace, and her coaching has led me to those positive moments that bring me joy and fulfillment. I am grateful for her process and insights that have guided me to freedom.
— Jerome Holtzman
JoAnn is one of the kindest people I know. My Reiki sessions with her have been powerful and healing. She makes me feel loved, accepted and appreciated. She is also a gifted teacher. I highly recommend her!
— Lisa Christine Szymanski
I first meet JoAnn when I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins. Both babies were breech and I was struggling with the realization that baby A wasn’t going to flip to head down and that I was going to need an cesarean. JoAnn had a very calming affect and made me feel like I was talking with an old friend. She took her time and made sure I was completely comfortable. When I left my visit with her I felt such calm and peace. I have never felt that relaxed and content in my life. Two days later I went into labor and gave birth to a beautiful girl and boy. Even though my delivery wasn’t what I had planned, I was absolutely okay with the entire process. I know that this feeling of peace was because of JoAnn. So when we found out that our daughter needed brain surgery at 6 months old, and then again at 8 months old, I knew that I needed JoAnn. She worked on her before and after her surgery and was absolutely amazing. She came to our home the night before surgery and worked on our daughter while she slept in her crib. And then she came to the hospital and worked on her again during her recovery. Our daughter’s surgeries were a success and she’s now keeping right up with her twin brother. She’s healthy, active and very happy.
As a mom, I can’t even begin to express how incredibly grateful I am for JoAnn. I know that she provided my daughter with the same peace and contentment that she provided me. JoAnn will forever have a special place in my heart.
— Tonya Grandstaff
Jo Ann, I so appreciate our time together these last few months in your coaching program. I am grateful that you are able to adjust your coaching style to meet my needs. It is healing to me to be in a space of non-judgmental, non-critical support.

I am committed to making changes in all areas of my life. As a self-employed, single mom I have multiple priorities; an existing business that is growing, a new heart centered business that is taking shape, and an adult son living with me that has serious mental health challenges. In our coaching sessions you have helped me prioritize and set action steps with timelines. At times when I feel I may have missed the mark, you celebrated the baby steps and progress made. I am going through some challenging times and I so look forward to our weekly coaching calls.
Jo Ann, you light me up! After your coaching sessions I feel uplifted with a renewed energy to forge ahead with my goals.
— Mary Darud, Apple Valley, MN
Jo Ann, just want to share how I appreciate your insights and intuitive abilities, sensing the unsaid with warmth and compassion! It’s a gift to understand the energy and relay the information in a practical and caring way.
— Beth Tunis
Jo provides a powerful, calming presence for this essential work!
— Sarah Bowman
Jo Ann is a gifted healer. She has a kind, gentle spirit that makes you feel immediately at ease. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment!
— Debby Prudhomme
Working with Jo Ann was a transformational gift, both for me and my baby. I had a very difficult pregnancy with medical conditions and constant, acute pain. I often felt exhausted, frightened, and lost, but every time I met with or talked with Jo Ann, I felt comforted, strengthened, and hopeful. Her calming and peaceful energy, her deep insight and intuition, and her compassion come through in every interaction and in her deeply healing Reiki treatments. She helped me find meaning and strength even in my most difficult moments and helped me gain skills and tools to get through my difficult pregnancy, and my induced delivery, and I now know I can call on these same tools and skills to get through any other difficulties I may face in life. Although my labor and delivery experience was different than I originally envisioned (I was induced because of my medical condition), Jo Ann helped me prepare so well that I was able to meet the challenges with focus and my delivery could not have gone more smoothly. Her support during the process was transformational and complete and I felt totally held. I am amazed by what I learned in working with Jo Ann and am infinitely grateful for the experience.
— Laura Harley, M.A., CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Extraordinary! Of all the gifts that Jo Ann humbly gives every day, the one that blows me out the box which I have never experienced from another soul to the extent that she gives it is the immense HONOR, LOVE, and RESPECT she bestows with the sacred Reiki to all she “TREATS”. Your space is most sacred to her. She is a sweet blessing on your healing journey.
— Marie Baumgartner
Awesome! Top notch! Total integrity and among the smartest most creative grounded people I know...
— Ann Marie Stock

reiki trainings

Dear Jo Ann,

Thank you so much for sharing the gift of Reiki! It’s been an enlightening experience, and has inspired me to look at the world with new eyes. I’m starting to approach my life experiences and my patients in a different way, to let go more, and allow the deepest wisdom to be expressed for the highest good.

I hope to learn much more from your wise and gentle teaching!

Blessings to you
— Elizabeth Williams
The instruction and guidance were Amazing! Great Sensitivity and knowledge as well as experience. Non-judgmental, helpful, approachable, excellent teaching skills and style. I very much appriciate receiving the Reiki initiations.

During this training I experienced a sense of peace and I am thankful for this training and experience as I feel it will be invaluable to me on the rest of my journey. Thank you Jo Ann! I look forward to Reiki II Training!
— Lisa Szymanski
Your instruction/guidance was Excellent, loving, nurturing, non-judgmntal. I feel more presence within my body, more at ease with silence and stillness, and improved care for myself. Thank you Jo Ann. I am most grateful for You and this Experience.
— Mara Glantz
Your genuine purpose and intent for everyone in this class, AND World is inspiring and fills me with Gratitude. The initiations were Beautiful : ). I gained confirmation, direction and renewed purpose in this training experience.

I just can’t state enough the amount of respect and sincere gratitude I have/feel that you are part of my life and journey.
— Sarabeth Furtado
Jo Ann is a light of knowledge and I am thankful to be a part of this Reiki healing group. I will carry this with me in my days, work, and future career as an acupuncturist. I appreciate the invitation to a new way to help heal myself and others. Gracias Querida Amiga <3
— Sonia I. Moreno Garcia
The instruction/guidance was Excellent: full of warmth and clarity. Affirming of all and each one of us; inspiring and encouraging and filled with loving compassion. Gentle guidance during practice with others. The Reiki initiations were beautiful and moving.

I gained a wonderful understanding of where and how Reiki practice came to be; an understanding of how it works and what it is and how to practice on myself and others.

What a blessing this training and this weekend was! I feel full of warmth and inspiration to practice! Thank you Jo Ann!
— Dawn Schuette-McKinnon