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MS, MA-Teaching
Certified Reiki Master & Spiritual Development Mentor 

We all want to feel better. Sometimes we know we’d like to get more sleep, reduce our anxiety or stress, heal and recover from injury, illness, or loss. These experiences can be at a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level and often are a convergence of all. Reiki can help.

I have always been curious – asking lots of questions - wanting to delve a bit deeper. Exactly how does the body heal?  How do the experiences and events of our lives shape how we feel? How does our emotion affect our healing and recovery? What happens when the body, mind, emotion, and spirit are in balance – or out of balance?  

One of the reasons I love Reiki Healing and Reiki Practice is that Reiki lives in the open spaces of these questions. Reiki initiates an opening, and within this opening, allows movement toward balance – of our body, mind, emotion, and spirit. This balance extends not only to our physiology, but also to our overall sense of well-being, our responsiveness, our resiliency, and our joy.

I bring a passion for helping people move through transitional and transformational processes in life, birth, and rebirth. As a Reiki Master with an MS in Science, Technology, and Human Values, and an MA in Teaching. The focus of my practice is in meeting my clients' needs – from wherever they find themselves - and helping them move into a path of healing from within.

My practice is in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I work in collaboration with Enlightened Mama and Enlightened Wellness to offer Reiki Healing Therapy and Transition Mentoring. Outside of my work here, I have seven amazing children who continually teach me new perspectives, who speak ancient wisdom, and share their unconditional love. In this adventure called life, I maintain a daily practice of self-Reiki for my own well-being and self-care.