“You are a beautifully intuitive, spiritual, and compassionate coach and healer, Jo Ann. You helped guide me to the heart of an old belief pattern that was harming my health and holding me back in my life. I have felt so much more joyful. I recently had labwork done after working with you, and my heart numbers were significantly better than they have been in two decades! I have the heart of a teenager again! Thank you so much for helping me heal my heart!”

— Ann Fleenor - Agingdon, Virginia

Transitions in life are challenging - even those we welcome. Often, our life transitions can become overwhelming and incapacitating. My holistic coaching process, in combination with Reiki healing, will support you in your transition and bring you through to a transformation to wholeness.

You may be looking for support as you transition in or out of a relationship or career. You may be seeking support following the loss of a loved one; you may be experiencing health challenges, or find yourself in a post-trauma situation where recovery using traditional therapies alone has not brought the degree of healing desired.  In these situations, as well as through other periods of transition,  I can help you find your inner compass - that place where you know what's True - and navigate your life forward with new clarity and purpose. Combining years of coaching experience, intuitive gifts and healing Reiki,  I offer the support necessary to re-engage your life’s journey with clarity, confidence, and joy.  

For those unfamiliar with Reiki:

Reiki Therapy is a gentle, holistic, practical healing therapy - working to restore balance to body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is known to be an effective treatment in the management of pain and anxiety, and is often used as a complementary healing therapy to aid in the effectiveness of other therapies and treatment programs.

Reiki is a compassionate therapy, encouraging the body, mind, emotions, and Spirit toward balance.

Reiki soothes pain, relieves anxiety and fears, and provides deep relaxation and healing. It is often used before and after medical procedures/surgery to promote openness to receiving treatment and to accelerate the post-operative healing process on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. In this way, Reiki promotes your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  With its ability to soothe, relax, ground and restore, Reiki is a beautiful modality of care in preparation for birth and in postpartum recovery.

A typical Holistic Coaching with Reiki session is 90 minutes. The Reiki portion can be experienced while lying down on a massage table or while seated comfortably in a chair. Clients are fully clothed (please dress comfortably) and treatments typically follow a prescribed process of light touch hand placements covering all major organs and energy centers in the body. There is always some time beforehand and afterward to process any questions or concerns.

Transformative experiences need support to be fully realized. My goal is to support you through this process. Therefore, my work with you is only offered in packages.

Reiki, as a stand alone therapy, is offered in 3-Session packages.

Coaching with Reiki is offered in 6 and 12 month packages.

Contact me to begin your healing process and move forward into JOY.

*Our coaching relationship is always confidential and built upon trust and respect.