Who's That Knockin at Your Door?

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently that brought me back to a conversation I'd had with myself about 10 years earlier. My client was sharing that people close to her had recently begun to tell her that she was somehow "different" now then before in ways they didn't recognize.






What was startling for her was she felt she was on a journey of self-knowing - and "re-discovery" and  was just beginning to feel so much more like herself - more her.  So, she was curious, why did others now find her "different"? After all, her journey was bringing her "back to herself" - into remembering who she was. 

Glimpses of "who we are"  visit us throughout our lives. They "knock on our door"  in an incessant yearning to be invited within again - to reintegrate - to Come Home.

I believe this is Soul Work  - Our Spirit Alive - Come a-knockin at our door - asking us to remember who we are and who we came here to be. 

Interestingly, Ellen Bass, Co-Author of The Courage to Heal, believes this yearning to become ourselves " is Spirituality".  Bass describes spirituality in this way...

There is a part of every living thing that wants to become itself, the tadpole into the frog, the chrysalis into the butterfly, a damaged human being into a whole one...
— Ellen Bass

It is our soul's work to come knocking. It is our spiritual work to reintegrate the fragmented parts of us we've scattered and kept shut out. 

The question is, will we open the door when our fragmented parts arrive? Will we recognize these fragile pieces of ourselves when we meet us face to face? Will we welcome ourselves home?


Perhaps not...

For many reasons, the door itself can be difficult to open. Often, this work needs compassionate support and encouragement.  Opening our door(s) requires us to move aside or remove the strong obstructions we've placed in front of it to keep the door closed. And, then there is the prospect of meeting what's waiting to be seen on the other side of the door.

Maybe a glimpse out the window or through a crack in the door could help us gain the strength and courage required to fully open the door. 

The next time you hear a gentle "knock" or perhaps, a loud "bang", consider seeking support in "answering your door" with a six or twelve month Reiki with Coaching program.  I'll help you move things out of the way so the door is free to open. 

You may just love who you meet - again, for the first time.

You may say, "Welcome Home"