Compassion Begins At Our Deepest Home

At the beginning of January,  I was struggling to find understanding in the deep conflict around me. Then, I understood that the conflict was deepest within me. Self Compassion was, once again, my beginning : )

My daily mantra of loving self-compassion:

May We Embrace Loving Self-Compassion as We Navigate Our Lives Forward

And, here is what I know: Our society is highly competitive, and our relationships - particularly with ourselves, can be highly complex - We must try - and the operative word here is TRY- to remember and embrace the simple truth that “We are Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experience” – in other words, we are Human and therefore imperfectly perfect – If we can embrace our humanity with loving self-compassion (and a bit of humor!) our lives will transform – and this will ripple out to all those with whom we have contact in our daily lives.

Please, Give It Your Best. Let's All Try to Practice Self-Compassion and Enjoy the Ripples : ).