The Call to Expansion

I haven’t written in a while. These past months has been very busy - so much transition - comings and goings - people showing up in unexpected ways and with unexpected gifts.

To be clear, gifts don't always appear as something that's wanted (what we assume to be "gift"). Gifts are presented to us from family, friends, strangers, our work, and from deep within our Spirit. They may begin as seeming hardship, inconvenience, and difficulty. Yet, gifts they are. For in their mysterious wrappings, they may just hold the very gifts we have been waiting for.

Can we allow these "presents" to show us just what they have been created from and for? Can we open ourselves to see and understand just how they have been presented to us to bring unexpected treasure?

This past month I've received the gift of EXPANSION - the call to "show up" in previously un-chartered territory. And, it has been a mysterious and crazy ride. I'd liken it to sailing a ship - a ship with much different make-up than previously sailed - moving through unknown waters and unpredictable weather.

At first this ship seemed to be tossed about by the winds, waves and storms of its situation. Indeed, the ship's previous travels had taken a heavy toll. Early into the journey (thank God!) I realized I'd taken on this journey forgetting an important navigation tool - my ability to call forth my inner compass! -this very thing that as a Holistic Coach and Spiritual Guide, I teach others to do! (Sometimes we're the last ones to remember our own best advice.)

WHEW! Once my inner compass was called up for duty and activated - I got my "sea legs"! Once this important navigation tool was summoned up to lead the way, the journey became clearer and I was able to ride with the waves - even when the path could not be seen.

Such a beautiful gift - to give up the need to "Captain" and to instead allow oneself to "not know" how to "do it". The gift of allowing "The Way" to appear.

Here, I discovered I could be guided through the darkness and rough water AND enjoy clear sunny days- just by not trying to control that which I was still trying to understand - intellectually and emotionally (read "Ego"). It was a great reminder to me that our precious" inner compass comes from the Heart and the Heart knows what it knows.

And oh YES! I got completely drenched along the way by waves bigger than expected and from waves and debris "hitting the ship" from unexpected angles.

And here appeared my second gift - equally important in the journey. This important gift (a required element) was in the creation of a well-appointed crew - some of whom were already in my midst and other crew members quickly discovered and recruited! As I sought their input and handed over important elements of the ship's care, I was able to observe them "show up" with their gifts - . adding immensely to the stability, clarity and Joy of the journey.

Hallelujah for Gifts Given and Received <3!

If the weather is always fair, we lose our ability to sail on. We forget our tools for navigation and how to "ride the waves of life”. We miss out on an invitation to our own Expansion and this incredible adventure of life's great learning - of resiliency - of hope, love, and joy.

What are YOU currently being "gifted" and how will you Navigate your journey?

I'd love to hear from you.