The Practice of Great Love

"All friendships of any length are based on a continued mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and mercy all friendships die."   David Whyte


This same is true of familial bonds. The continuance of love and support of one another is also based upon this Truth – the need forgiveness - for tolerance and mercy.

The practice of living these Truths - this Great Love - on a daily basis is hard, good work.

To experience Great Love - and lasting friendship, we must begin, within Ourselves, a daily practice of Self-Forgiveness, of Tolerance, and Mercy.

And, it is a Practice.

My wish for all is to remember that each day offers us a new beginning into this practice of Great Love- to do our best in offering again, and again, our friendship through our forgiveness, tolerance, and mercy "just for today" (from Mikao Usui’s Reiki Precepts).