Reiki's Greatest Gift

Reiki's Greatest Gift

Reiki's Greatest Gift

Many of my clients are referred to me and to my Reiki and holistic coaching practice because someone they know has had a profoundly healing experience in our work together - often after a long healing journey with other modalities of health and wellness care, or as a compliment to them.  

Sometimes, their search leads to my practice when nothing else has worked for them, or when they've reached a certain level of wellness - a level many would be content with - but they have this "feeling" that they could still be better. 

In this place, they are uncomfortable and restless. Often, this knowing that something could help them move past this plateau they are experiencing, or initiate a healing process, leaves them feeling anxious.

How about you? Are you restless? Do you yearn for something more?"

There is a part of me that wishes the practice of Reiki would be an earlier "go to" modality of care for those seeking improved health and well-being, Yet, for many understandable reasons, it's not been my experience.

Our medicalized culture, more often than not, relies on pharmaceutical options, surgeries, "talk therapies", etc. when looking for relief or cures for people struggling with health and wellness issues.

And, I understand how and why this occurs.


First, if you have medical insurance, prescribed medicines are often "cheaper". When you can get a prescription filled for a co-pay -and you've already paid for high cost premiums - (and maybe your wallet is empty) - this seems to be the only solution. I get it and I'll park this statement here even though there are arguable reasons why, in the long run, this isn't true.

Second, we rely on our society's norms for approved medical care and believe in them.

Although the insurance covered options for approved professional care are growing to include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and perhaps massage therapy (I'm very grateful for their inclusion) it's still pretty tough to find many complementary, holistic practices and providers that are accepted for payment through health insurance or HSAs - Reiki included. 

We are often led to believe that conventional medical therapies are a "proven", the first line of care, and safe. When, in fact, they often, are not.  Consider for a moment the "off-label" use of medications in drug therapy and our nation's opioid crisis.  Now, for a moment, consider the possibility of opting for holistic practices as a first line of care - as happens in many other countries - with greater health outcomes - before moving on to pharma therapies, etc.

As a culture typically groomed for quick answers and solutions - we often forget the inherent wisdom in taking “the long view” and are hit with advice to -be safe - take the straight path - to not veer into the "unknown” territory of holistic practices when looking for answers - and for goodness sake, to not pay out-of-pocket for care when your insurance covers “proven” therapies.

Again, we encounter Fear. As the the great poet Hafiz has said:

Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.
— Hafiz

I, myself, have faced these fears in pretty profound ways - both for myself and with loved ones.

It’s in these times, I am called to remember my "deepest knowing" - the one that is making me restless, uncomfortable, and anxious. The “knowing” that pokes me and prods me - and will not quiet until I listen to it's whisper -

I am Your Truth and Your Light. Open to Me and You Will Find Your Wholeness in Me

This is where my Reiki practice meets me and Welcomes me Home - Back to Truth and Light. Back into Love and Wholeness through Its Compassionate Embrace.

This is where Reiki can meet you in your journey to healing and wellness and move you to see your own, true Light.

When seen, through Reiki, our Light surrounds and embraces us. We meet ourselves again and understand we are Loved. Here anything is possible.

This is very healing.

I am humbled. I am awed. I am grateful to be witness to another's Great Light - this Love Light of Spirit.  

Reiki provides this "showing" of our great Light to Ourselves.

And so, this is my wish for You:

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz

I invite you to enter into Reiki practice with me. Come into the practice of Reiki and know your Light more intimately. I invite you to befriend and take up residence in your Light - gathering the scattered pieces of You and calling them Home.  

I invite you to embrace of the "astonishing light of your own being".