True North

What I'm sitting with lately...

We seem to be in this time of an activation of deeply seeded fears - producing a prolonged and collective anxiety. We may feel these fears and anxiety within and also witness its' hold on the people and events around us.

The onslaught of fear/anxiety feels unrelenting. And, it's easy to be thrown off course. There is a greater than ever need for strength and courage to come back to center - to ourselves.

To be fully alive and present, we must be true to ourselves and our purpose.

When our "true north" on our inner compass is thrown off - we teeter and sometimes splatter - reacting, rather than responding. Sometimes we become very quiet and unresponsive in the overwhelm of it all. Not being able to ground and get back to center, we shut down.

In response, I've begun (imperfectly) the vigilant practice of witnessing and keeping awareness of this "fear" that seems deep within myself - producing an anxiety without context. It takes work to stay curious about these fears that are producing the anxiety, unpack them, and question - deeply - Are they based in any truth? or personal experience?. Are they mine or of something else or belonging to someone else?

What I seem to find is that they are based largely in past aculturation and/or culturization- where I took on fears/anxiety - somewhere now living in my body - that are not based on my own experiences. Often, they are fears of a collective consciousness - and, hold on to this thought now because I'm going to sound maybe a bit "woo-woo" to some of you - but can be of a consciousness belonging to another time/space that is requiring evaluation, loving compassion, and release.

In bearing witness to what appears and in the practice of bringing loving compassion to it, the fear dissipates. This awareness has been helpful in navigating through these fears and choosing to stay true to who I am - not reacting in the collective fear.

Reiki, Meditation, and Prayer are my "go-to"s.

It's a constant remembering and practice. With continued practice, we find it will be easier to find our way home to our TRUE NORTH – and be “at home” within ourselves.

I will be considering leading a monthly group to practice witnessing what is coming up as fear and anxiety - to support each other in the navigation back to truth through loving and compassionate release.

If you believe you might be interested in joining, please message me.