It's a Refreshing of the Soul, Cold Day...

You really can't capture what "cold" is through photos in a way that can be completely appreciated. And yet, the sense of cold is there.

It’s in the color of the sky on a clear, ice cold day that is of a blue not otherwise seen; and it’s in the way the sunlight plays through the trees as it casts long, deep shadows on the snow - telling us a story of a cold that seeps deep into one’s marrow. A cold to be remembered.

Memories of these clear, cold winter days warm my heart and still my mind.

It’s a refreshing of the Soul, cold day.

I am eternally grateful for sunshine and blue sky - crystalline images on snow – and the gifted sense of deep soul peace within this vast snowscape.

May I can carry this gift forward to others in the days to come.

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