Where Do You Go To In the Darkness of the Year?

We have an awesome opportunity over the next ~4 weeks to observe the gathering and lengthening darkness that precedes the Winter Solstice and heralds in the Light and the lengthening of days.

Where do you go to in the "darkness" of the year? Do you spend time in reflection and in the gathering of your soul? Do you prepare for the coming of the Light?

If you'd like some ideas on how to approach this time of year with intention, I offer you five ways to honor the turning of the wheel from darkness to light.

1. Create an Advent Wreath (or Solstice Wreath) - gather candles (a must), pine cones, berries, acorns, small stones - whatever seems appropriate to you and create your own arrangement - Light a candle each of the next 4 weeks while contemplating your Being in the world. Offer thanks for all of the beauty and gifts received.

2. Keep an Advent/Solstice journal - each evening as the darkness has fully settled in, spend a few moments reflecting on one way you have transformed or are in process with transforming - something from darkness to light in your life during the past year - perhaps in relationship with yourself, with another, with a thought or belief - in how you care for your body, your soul, your emotions, your mental health.

3. If possible, sit in silence in front of a fire (fireplace, bonfire, etc) - letting the silence feed you and allowing the Mystery to enter into You. What will find you in the silent darkness to Enlighten you?

4. In the coming weeks, take time to sit outside on a clear night and contemplate the stars and the Celestial bodies. We are made of the stars. Can you feel the Oneness with these heavenly lights entering in?

5. Gather with family/friends around a fire or in candlelight - feel the warmth of the season - in your heart, around your hearth, in your body and soul. Share stories, bake cookies, share a meal, poems, music, etc. Feed yourself - Body, Mind, and Soul.

This time of darkness is a great gift - preparing the way for the coming Light.

Please share your own ideas. I'd love to hear from you.

May You Be Blessed and Be Loved 💖