I went for a long walk last evening, reflecting on a recent Reiki session with a client that brought me back to AWE. I was Awed to be present with my client's opening to the re-membering of Love and Joy within her - to the knowing that her life was well lived and beautiful. I was Awed to be Witness to her journey of great healing. I was Awed to be called to this work.

And, as I walked on and on through the blowing wind, I heard the message - "Stay grounded. You have important work to do here. Be Here". And, as I continued my walk, I recommitted to walking this path of witness, of traveler, of navigator, of remembering, and AWE.


How often do we allow ourselves to be in AWE - to sit with it and let it seep into our heart, muscles, and bones.

I was awestruck and grateful to be able to feel this feeling - to be alive - to be here - to be fully present - to be of service.

This morning I had the privilege of opening a beautiful book by the lovely Rachel Awes in her presence. Yes. Today, I met with Awe 💓✨. The page that opened for me? "You Belong Here".

Synchronicity Divine. AWE.