October Newsletter: Happy to Be Back!

            It’s About Time!

Yahoo! Such an exciting time! I’ve got a big announcement to share.

Drum Roll Please!

I am re-opening my business with a new name and in an additional location.  Prism Holistic Coaching & Consulting will continue to offer Holistic Life Coaching, Consulting and Reiki Healing services through Enlightened Wellness in St. Paul - AND – in my new location at the  Shenandoah Wellness Center, Suite 7, in Minneapolis beginning October 15th.

Some of you know, and many of you don’t, that I had taken the last year off (well, almost off) to heal my body and work through some deep emotional wounding that had been contributing to some serious health issues. I’d actually been aware of these health issues for a number of years and had kept them at bay using self-Reiki and complementary healing work. Then other life happened. And, well, things got out-of-control. It was the kind of thing that my body knocked on my door loud and clear and said, “STOP, RIGHT NOW, AND LISTEN”!  And gave me no choice! The timing was poor – (When’s a good time to be sick? Being sick stinks, right?) So I began as a reluctant participant and a very impatient patient. (hmm, isn’t “patient” a perfect word! –times like these really demand patience…).  The hardest piece of all was the vulnerability demanded, and the required awareness that as fiercely independent as I was and had always been, I now needed help from others in a big way and needed to ask for it. Oh. Oh. Oh.

It was a lesson in the beauty of vulnerability and an amazing year of self-healing, incredible support from my kids and extended family, and a reminder of my deep and strong roots that extend far beyond the seen world.  This year has strengthened my Joy in the journey.  I’m here, and thankful for the making of many new friends and wonderful relationships along my healing path. Which brings me to this place. Right Here. Now. I’m ready!

Holistic Life Coaching and Reiki services will support you as you heal and transform your life journey. Our work together will help you transcend whatever is holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve.  Learn more about Holistic Coaching and Reiki by visiting my website: www.prismhcc.com.


I’ve always loved prisms, and several years ago I was given this beautiful crystal, prism vase as a gift for helping a team find the clarity needed to move through a period of deep transition and shine.

We all experience times in our lives when our light is dulled, dimmed, obscured, or perhaps, almost snuffed out.  WE JUST.  FEEL.  STUCK. 

Sometimes we need just need some help and support – someone to act as a prism for us – opening us to our inner