After Your Reiki Session...

Reiki is a subtle, compassionate, positive, loving and very effective healing therapy. Healing comes in many ways! Just as you are beautifully and uniquely woven from your own genetic blueprint, intertwining with your myriad of life experiences, how you feel after a Reiki session is as individual as you are. Most often, when you receive Reiki Healing, you will immediately begin to feel deeply relaxed, centered, calm and uplifted.

There may be a time, however, when your Reiki Healing session has brought up something ready to be released and healed.  When we ask for Reiki, we ask for help – for healing and well-being.  Just as we did not get into our “not-so-well-being”condition overnight, it may take several sessions to see improvement or notice a difference– particularly when Reiki activates a healing process involving detoxification. When a negative vibration (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) is stirred up, activated, and brought to the surface to be removed,  you will often feel worse before you feel better. Reiki vibrates the negative energy out of the problem area and raises your vibration in the space opened. In the process, and for a short time, you  may experience some discomfort in the form of  a headache, stomach ache, or general body-ache - indicating detoxification. For these times, it is best to schedule several Reiki Sessions in succession and then taper off as you feel better.

We are always looking for the miraculous and though it can occur, sometimes we miss what we are being shown that's so important in our healing process.  At the end of every Reiki session, I will always provide some time for you to talk to me about your session and how you feel. As you move through the days following your Reiki Healing Session, you can also email me with any impressions, reactions, concerns or questions.  I believe you'll find your healing journey with Reiki to be a journey of loving compassion and self-discovery. Wishing You Well!

Jo Ann